Cahiers pour l’Analyse

March 11, 2011

New site on Cahiers pour l’Analyse. Fun.
Some names I was not familiar with until now:

Jacques Bouveresse, analytical one, unusually for France. In Prodiges et vertiges de l’analogie he criticized Regis Debray’s extension of Godel’s incompleteness theorem from mathematics to social sciences. He attacked post-structuralists as well as nouveaux philosophes.

Antoine Culioli, Corsican-born linguist, student of Benveniste.

Andre Green, a psychoanalyst, who broke with Lacan over his neglect of affect in his theory of signifier.

Martial Guéroult, historian of 17th century philosophy. Gueroult was important for Jules Vuillemin, who, in turn, influenced Bouveresse.

Michel Pêcheux, aka Thomas Herbert, discourse analysis.

François Regnault, philosopher, Lacanian, close to Badiou, but also writer of plays! (re: Tankred Dorst). Was he at Avignon, when Jean Vilar was booed?

To read:

Mathematics and the Roots of Postmodern Thought, by Vladimir Tasic. (re Jean Cavailles, mathematician, active in Resistance, shot by the Germans)
The Dead Mother, by Gregorio Kohon, Argentine-British psychoanalyst, apparently of the Horacio Etchegoyen-Andre Green school.


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