May 9, 2011

Nawaat, Tunisian news site, declines the Bahraini eContent award. This would have been Nawaat’s third prize this year, after it claimed the honors from The Reporters Without borders and Index on Censorship.  Sami Ben Gharbia, Nawaat’s co-founder, now living in Netherlands, is speaking at EFF in San Francisco, on May 20th.

A group of Russian archaeologists  is protesting actions by a developer, which are destroying remains of an historical (12-16 century) village. Although this location has been named a memorial site by the order of the President in 1995, in April 2011 development company “Sosnovka” dug trenches there, destroying layers of potentially meaningful archeological data. reported this based on testimony by Anton Lagutin, who works in the Tsarytsyno park-museum. Lagutin, in his facebook page, also recently cheered rehabilitation of Piotr Krasnov, argued that nazism and fascism are not the same thing, and ( that’s the only thing I get angry about) averred that bolshevism is a worse evil than both nazism and fascism combined. I imagine his attitude is pretty typical in his profession. Perhaps, he even has friends who think that the Book of Veles is authentic.

R.I.P Arkady Vaksberg, a political journalist and historian with flair for legal aspects. He wrote a biography of Vyshinsky, Stalin’s chief prosecutor


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