May 29, 2011

Polina Barskova writes about Aleksandr Vvedensky in the NLO 108.
“Akhmatova shrugs her Altmanesque  shoulders of a swimmer on mention of Kharms; Gumilev is touched, but without comprehending it, by Vaginov’s gnat-like buzzing”.

Yakov Druskin left some notes about Veedensky’s poetics. Anna Gerasimova (Umka) also mentions, in her essay which appeared in the 2010 edition of Vvedensky’s works from the publisher OGI,  some other fragments by Druskin about Vvedensky, published as “The Nonsense Star”.

this is about memory of friends.  Not settling of scores, but historical judgment on one’s generation, with hindsight. Vvedensky’s


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